Can Rubber Mulch Go Under Trees?

Rubber mulch is well recognised as an alternative to wood bark chippings.  It’s an eco-friendly option for playground safety surfacing as it’s recycled from old truck tyres.  Unlike bark, it’s bonded together so that no loose particles shed, so maintenance is minimal.  However, it’s still porous, meaning that water can still seep between the rubber particles – reaching the roots of trees.

Rubber mulch is also aesthetically natural as we provide it in a variety of natural tones.  Another key point to this surfacing is that it requires little ground preparation, which often makes it more of an attractive product to wetpour.

What Our Customer Said

Back in October, Bow School got in contact with us to discuss our rubber mulch surfacing.  They were looking for something that wouldn’t demand the maintenance the loose stones required around several trees on their school grounds.

It seemed to be the perfect option as its bonded shreds wouldn’t get lost around the playground, but would still allow water to flow to the roots and its natural appearance would reflect the foliage.

They were super pleased with their choice.  Here’s what they tweeted us:

Bow school Tweet about Rubber Mulch

Along with protecting children from injury, rubber mulch is also ideal for small projects like Bow School’s tree surrounds.  It can keep an area looking smart and tidy with minimal maintenance and even preparation.  We often have requests for mulch to surround trees as it can also allow for more playground space as children can play directly on it.

Advantages of Rubber Mulch

The key advantages to remember about this surface include:

  • It has a natural appearance
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • Groundworks aren’t always neccessary
  • It’s porous so can be used as a tree surround

Head here for further reading on rubber mulch.  Alternatively, head to our gallery to see where else our rubber mulch can be installed.