How to Choose Your Playground Theme

Butterfly Playground Graphic In Wet Pour

When you are designing your new playground, one of the most important things is to think about the theme you are going to choose.

Theming a playground not only makes it look more cohesive and well thought out, but it can also make your playground even more useful! If you are unsure of what theme you would like, here are some key points to consider:

Is your playground in an educational setting? If so, an educational theme is an obvious choice! Graphics that includes letters, numbers or even maps and puzzles are not only eye-catching but can also be used as teaching aids should you implement outdoor learning.

What age group will be using it? If you are catering to a younger age group, then a roadway or traffic themed playground is ideal. Many younger children enjoy playing with cars and trucks, and a life size, safe roadway will be instantly appealing.

A simple roadway can also be used to teach the basics of road safety, and as part of games using trikes or bikes.

Do you play a lot of sports? If your classes engage in a lot of sports, a MUGA design can bring so many benefits. Different line markings can be included to allow children to play different games during PE or sporting fixtures, whilst the whole area can also be used at break times due to the safety surfacing.

Whilst many MUGA designs include just simple line markings, our Primary Spaces installs are a great example of fun and bright designs.

Is there any local interest/history you could include? If your setting has any links to local history or interest points you could use this as a theme! This can also be a great way to show appreciation if the local community has contributed to your funding. All of our designs are hand-laid, so there is no limits to what you can include!

Is there any play equipment?

If your playground includes equipment (whether old or new!) use this as the basis for your theme. If your play equipment is made out of wood, maybe consider a more natural aesthetic for your surfacing. If your equipment is made from mental or includes bright colours, try to think of complimentary colours, graphics and shapes.

What space is available?

If your playground is on the smaller side, it be look better (and be more cost effective) to include fewer graphics, or at least simple graphics. Classic games such as hopscotches and four square, along with simple shapes or a handful of numbers can bring a fun and brightness to an area without being overwhelming.

If you need some further inspiration, our gallery is a great way to see previous playgrounds or you can speak to our team for advice and estimates!