Make The Daily Mile™ Even Easier!

Back in 2012, Elaine Wyllie developed The Daily Mile initiative whilst teaching at St Ninian’s Primary School. Her aim was to get pupils fitter by running for 15 minutes at their own pace around the playground each day. After just four weeks, The Daily Mile had shown improvement in behaviour, fitness, and concentration. Further research is being carried out to determine the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits.

With one in 10 children said to be obese when they start primary school and around a third of children considered to be overweight or obese when they leave, we want to help make The Daily Mile excuse-free to improve children’s fitness levels. Our tracks have been designed to particularly help primary schools struggling to find the space or adequate surfacing.

boy running

Rubber Mulch Track

Rubber mulch daily mile track
Rubber mulch running track

Last summer, we were contacted by a school in Salisbury to find a solution for them to use the grass for their Daily Mile. To keep costs to a minimum, a 1.7m wide, rubber mulch running track was installed around the school field.

The beauty of rubber mulch is that it can be laid directly on grass – cutting out expensive groundworks.  Although it has the resemblance of bark chippings, our mulch is bonded.  This makes it easier for children to run.  Our rubber mulch is also well suited in many weather conditions so that children can continue their run throughout the year.

Other rubber mulch tracks that we’ve recently installed include this one at a school in the North West of England. Doing your mile run on the school field can churn grass and create mud. Whereas a simple, metre wide track will withstand high footfall!

Daily Mile rubber mulch track
Daily Mile running track

Wet Pour Tracks

An alternative to rubber mulch is our wet pour. It’s the ideal surface if you’re looking to install a path for running onto an existing hard surface. If you’d like to have wet pour on the school field, then ground preparation would be required at additional costs.  Wet pour tracks are available in a variety of colours and just like rubber mulch, it can be installed in any shape.

wet pour running track
wet pour daily mile track

The Cost Of A Track For Your Daily Mile

The price of a track or path depends on many factors. Length and width of the track heavily influence the cost.  To make your track a mile long would be very costly! That’s why we’d suggest you’d consider a length suitable for several laps. When considering the width, it may be worth thinking about whether you’d like enough room for running children to overtake each other and be able to – or to run/jog side by side.

When contacting us for an indication of cost, please have in mind a length and width you think would be ideal for your school. This will make the indicative quote more precise.

For tracks going straight onto the grass, don’t forget that we’d suggest rubber mulch to keep costs down.  This surface does not require ground preparation unlike when installing wetpour onto the grass.

If you would like to discuss your options for a running track to complete your Daily Mile, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Disclaimer: It is not mandatory for schools to invest in a running track in order to take part in The Daily Mile.