Get Rid of Mud Once and For All!

The Problem with Mud in Playgrounds

Schools and nurseries with small playgrounds of mainly fields know all too well that mud can restrict play and outdoor learning. Even when it’s not raining, mud can still stop children from getting outside at break time.

Any play equipment in the school playground, like trim trails, can be forgotten about and Daily Miles that take part on the school field could also lose out to mud.


It’s a common problem that we see here at Billy Bounce. But, there’s one playground floor that could combat this restriction and get children playing outdoors for more days out of the year.

Banishing Mud with Rubber Mulch

One of the beauties of our rubber mulch surfacing is that it can be installed directly onto grass or hardened mud. Ground preparation is minimal, requiring short grass and for the best results, the ground must not be sodden or soft mud.

Although bonded together, the shreds of forklift truck tyres used to make this surface don’t interlock. Instead, layers of bonded shreds  on top of each other, form small, weaving holes. This method means that minimal water will collate and form puddles.


Weeds or grass will not begin to grow through the mulch as we peg a geotextile membrane underneath the rubber mulch. This blocks out the key nutrients weeds need to grow.

As our rubber mulch is not pre-fabricated and installed on site, we can provide various depths. This will correspond with any play equipment fall heights.

Head to our rubber mulch page for more information on this playground surface. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01282 414131 or email, should you require any additional information.

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