How Is Playground Surfacing Installed?

Man installing wetpour graphics

If you’ve never invested in playground surfacing before, it can seem like a complicated business – however it is quite simple!

Once you know the area size, what the surfacing will be installed upon and what you want to use the area for, our teams can do all of the hard-work for you.

After you have received an estimate and confirmed you would like to go ahead, an install date will be agreed. Most of the installs we carry out are completed within a week, this said many are even completed within a day.

The time needed on site can be affected by factors such as how intricate a design is, as all of our graphics are hand laid within the playground surfacing. Once the surfacing has been installed it can normally be used the very next day.

EDPM rubber crumbs are mixed on site with a polyurethane binder to create the wetpour surface, unlike other surfaces such as tarmac, no heat is used in the process. Wet pour needs to be installed on a hard sub-base and is a two layer system, so our teams will firstly install a base layer and then let the mixture cure. A second layer is then installed on top of the base layer, and this is where the fun begins! The topping layer can be colourful and include designs and games such as hopscotch or four square.

Resin bound rubber mulch is installed in a similar way, with the rubber and binder being mixed on site. Rubber mulch however does not need a hard sub-base and can be installed directly onto grass – making it a popular choice for Daily Mile Tracks! When installing resin bound rubber mulch, we ensure a membrane is used to ensure no grass or weeds grow through the surface.

If you have opted for resin bound rubber mulch, but need to meet a higher fall height a base layer can be used in the same way it is for wet pour.

Working in schools, we have discovered that having a new playground installed can be a point of curiosity and excitement for children. As such, whilst on site we are always happy to show you and your pupils how we are constructing the new playground.

Also, as our resin bound rubber mulch is made from recycled tyres, having the surface installed can be a great way to prompt children to think about recycling and what can be done to help the environment.

So there you have it, installing a new playground surface can be surprisingly simple. If you have any questions, or would like an idea of price our friendly teams are on hand to help!

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