How Long Does A Playground Install Take?

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Whenever we speak to a school or nursery about installing new a new playground surface, the chances are they need to have a clear timescale to work with. So we thought we’d use this blog to try and shed some light on how long it can take to install a new playground surface.

Unfortunately, however, there is no single, clear answer as a lot of things can impact how long an install can take.

All of our teams are highly trained and use high-capacity mixers so as a general rule a full installation of a playground surface can usually take between one day and one week.

What Makes The Install Take Longer?

It goes without saying that the bigger the playground, the longer it will take to install the surface. However other factors can also play a part. If the site is difficult to access, this could mean it takes longer to complete the work.

For example, if our team could not use a wheelbarrow and instead had to go up and down eight flights of stairs for each mix of the surfacing, this would add time on purely to allow them to go back and forth.

The depth of surfacing can also affect the time it takes on site. If we are installing a one layer system, this will take less time than a two-layer system, as we would have to allow time for the base layer to cure before the topping layer could be applied.

The design you choose could also impact the time it takes on site. As all of our designs are hand drawn and hand cut, the more intricate the designs the longer it will take to install.

Could Anything Else Affect It?

As most playgrounds are outside, we are of course at the mercy of the weather. If it was to start snowing or there was continual heavy rain we would have to pause in our work and start again when the weather improved.

If you have any more questions regarding safety surfacing or would like a quick quote our team is on hand to help – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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