How to Care For Playground Surfacing

Caring For Playground Surfacing

Our playground surfaces are not only impact absorbent, they are also non-slip and virtually maintenance free. This said, to ensure your playground is as safe as can be and lasts as long as possible, we do recommend giving your new surfacing some TLC every so often.

One simple way to care for your surface is to regularly visually inspect your playground and remove any debris that you see on the surface – this may items such as litter, leaves or grass cuttings.

Visual inspections can be carried out in the mornings or evenings, and as playground surfaces are generally level any offending items should be easy to spot. Whilst this is a straightforward and quick task, by removing these items you reduce the risk of the pores in the surfacing being blocked as any fallen leaves or grass decays, or the surface being damaged by sharp pieces of litter.

Larger pieces of debris can be removed by hand, but please be careful not to cut or injury yourself whilst doing so. For numerous or smaller pieces of debris such as grass cuttings the surface can be swept, or you can use a blower if that is easier.

If your surface appears to be dirty, we’d strongly recommend cleaning the surface to ensure the dirt does not clog the pores of the surface and effect the drainage of surface water. We’d recommend using a power washer on a low-pressure setting. However it is important that you do not use a high-pressure setting, however tempting it may be, as this may damage the surface.

Also, no matter how dirty the playground surfacing seems, do not use any strong chemicals, detergents or bleach as this can also damage the surface. As a general rule we recommend cleaning the surface at least every six months to ensure dirt cannot build up and therefor become harder to remove.

During the colder months snow or ice might form on the surfacing causing it to become slippery. In this situation you must not use rock salt or grit. We’ve got a separate post dedicated to how to safely remove ice or snow from playground surfacing, which you can find here.

We hope this post has left you feeling confident caring for your playground surfacing to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Although if you do have any questions our team are more than happy to advise you on the best course of action.

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