How To Make The Most Of The PE & Sports Premium

Now that you have read our previous posts, you know what the premium is, how much your school will receive and what you can use it for.

But the most the important question is: how can you make the most of it?

Of course, this will depend on your individual school and the pupils that you cater for. However it is definitely worth thinking long term, and how your future pupils can also benefit from the investment.

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, Multi-Use Games Areas can be a great option. You can use this to teach a variety of sports (thus increasing the range your school offers) and they can be used to encourage participation in competitive sports such as basketball or football.

Another less obvious benefit of MUGAs, is that as they are often installed in wet pour they can be used as a playground or for games throughout the year as the surface is porous (so won’t hold water) and is non-slip.

Many schools that received money from Sport England under the Primary Spaces initiative invested in MUGAs. In fact of the 600 schools that received funding, we installed MUGAs for 150 of them! You can find out more about MUGAs, and our past installations with this case study.

Colourful MUGA flooring

In 2017 a lot of schools contacted us to enquire about installing a Daily Mile Track. These are a great way to encourage regular activity and can have wide ranging benefits for the whole school (find out more here)

Resin bound rubber mulch tracks are a popular option as they can be installed directly onto playing fields, do not hold water and are non-slip. The length and width can also be adapted to your school’s space and budgets.

In recent years The Daily Mile initiative has gained popularity, with Scotland pushing to become the first ‘Daily Mile Nation’ – along with the daily miles, tracks can also be used on sports days or as a simple pathway when a playing field may be too muddy to walk on.

The Daily Mile All Weather Track

If you are looking to invest in equipment, why not think about outdoor gym pieces or if you cater for younger children, a trim trail. To find out about the best types of surfacing for a trim trail, read our blog. 

If you are looking to develop your outdoor space and would like advice on anything from design, to which surface would be best our team are always on hand to help. You can also get in touch to arrange a free site visit, and one of our technical representatives will be happy to visit your school.