Little Known Ways to Improve Your Nursery’s Garden

An outdoor learning environment offers children experiences that are harder to provide in the same way indoors.  A garden filled with lots of opportunities can support health, stimulate risk-taking and sensory experiences. It’s also worth remembering that offering a safe and exciting place to explore may be the only space and time a child gets to play in the fresh air.

Improving your nursery’s garden can not only pay dividends in children’s learning outcomes, it can boost the popularity of your business. We recently installed our wet pour surfacing at Holly Tree Children’s nursery. They told us that not only did the children think the soft play flooring was fab, but the parents were thrilled too.

“All our parents are thrilled and the children think it’s fab! The guy who dealt with us in the early stages was great and the installation team I would recommend to anyone!”
Holly Tree Children's Nursery

To help you achieve a rich outdoor learning environment like Holly Tree, we’ve put together some little-known ways to improve your nursery’s garden with our soft play flooring.

Mounds in Play Surfacing

mounds within wet pour play flooring

Mounds are becoming a popular feature in nursery gardens. They can be created from a hard sub-base that we then sculpt wet pour over. Mounds create a risk element to play and diversify the space. However, be sure that they are are not going to create a trip hazard!

Learning Opportunities

parking bays in nursery garden

Installing graphics within your surfacing can certainly brighten up your outdoor area, but can you use this opportunity to bring learning outdoors? Nursery Manager, Fiona, recently told us that by requesting a disabled parking bay within her play surfacing, it has opened the opportunity to discuss diversity with pupils.

Other examples of incorporating learning factors within your safer surfacing, can involve number, shape, and letter recognition.

letters and shapes in playground flooring

Simply Colour

Green and black rubber play flooring

Where budgets are limited, simply adding blocks of colour to your play surface can create a garden filled with lots of opportunities to play and learn. Dividing areas with colour can allow the nursery to use the area as they wish and improvise on how the area is used.

For more design ideas, head to our gallery and see some of our previous installations at nursery’s across the UK.