Installing wetpour

How To Clean Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

Once you have a Billy Bounce™ children’s play area surface installed, maintenance is a fairly simple process.

We recommend that you visually inspect the surface on a daily basis for any foreign objects and remove them. As the finish level of surfacing is generally the same level, foreign objects should be noticeable. Sweeping the surface can remove any leaves or debris. But if your play area is large, then you can use a blower to remove any debris.

Should the play area flooring become dirty we recommend a power washer be used on a low pressure setting to remove surface dirt. This should be undertaken at least every 6 months. It is very important that a high-pressure setting is not used, as this can damage the surface. Do not use any strong chemicals / bleach or detergents on the surface, as this can also cause damage.

During the winter time, should ice form on the surface and the area become slippery, rock salt / grit should not be used, as this can damage the surface and reduce the porosity of the surface. We recommend a chemical de–icer, such as Magic Ice Melt, which is non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation.

How We Install Play Area Flooring

Installation of our play area flooring normally takes less than a week to complete. In many cases, installations are within one day and ready for use the day after.

Our teams specialise in rubber flooring and are experienced in working with schools and nurseries. They will work with you to devise a programme to ensure minimum disruption and maximum safety.

Experience has shown that children are excited and curious when they see a new play surface being installed. We are always happy to show you and your classes how we are constructing your new play area flooring.

At Billy Bounce™ we take great care with installation and conform to British and European safety standards.

Men installing wetpour