What Options Are There For Repairing Playground Surfacing?

Arriving in the morning to find your playground surfacing has been damaged can be heart-breaking and infuriating. The important thing is what you do next. Luckily there are a number of options available if you find your surfacing has been damaged.

So what can you do?

If the damaged area is only a small section of the overall surface, you could look at repairing it yourself.

Repair kits are available for both wet pour and mulch, and come complete with full instructions. They come in both black and colour, and can also be made up into standard fleck colours (e.g 50% black and 50% green)  They cover 1m², are easy to use and can be dispatched fairly quickly.

If the area is larger, or you do not feel confident repairing the surface yourself our team can help. An installation team would visit your site and cut back and remove the damaged surfacing only, before installing the surface in its place.

Many schools and nurseries choose this option, and repairs can be made in the same colour – or be made into a feature. In the past our customers have had the new area installed in a shape (eg circle or square) or even a splash graphic.

Our teams can also repair areas that are suffering from wear and tear – such as edges that are separating, or high traffic areas where the surfacing has worn away.

If the whole playground has been damaged you may have to think about installing a new safety surface all together. If the damage is only slight it may be possible to overlay a new surface on top.

Alternatively if the damage is too much, it is possible to remove the existing surface and install a totally new safety surface of your choice.

Our friendly team is happy to advise you on what option would work best for you and what steps you need to take next. If you would like to discuss repairs or new surfacing please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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