How To Deal With Icy Playgrounds

Ice On Playground Flooring

As the days get colder, and the nights get longer, teachers and care takers all over the country begin to worry… Will Jack Frost wreak havoc on their playgrounds tonight?

Frost, snow and ice can cause major problems in playgrounds. Although it may seem fun for children, ice can make the surface slippery and increase the risk of accidents. This in turn can make the playground unusable and restrict the amount of active play children engage in throughout the day.

A lot of people want to try and prevent ice forming in the first place, and so instinctively reach for the grit or rock salt. While these are fine to use on roads, we would strongly recommend that you do not use these on your playground surfacing.

This is because the small particles of grit/salt can clog the pores within the surface. This is turn can then affect how well surface water drains away in the future. As our wet pour and rubber mulch is porous, snow and ice will drain away when they melt naturally.

If you do need to remove the ice as quickly as possible, please feel free to contact our team who can advice you on the best method for your surface.

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