Wonderful Flooring Ideas For Playgrounds Of All Sizes

Established over 20 years ago, we have extensive expertise in installing safety surfacing. Therefore, we have built up a wealth of playground flooring ideas for areas of all shapes and sizes.

Wetpour rubber flooring is a great way to add vibrant colours to your play area.

Recognized as a safety surface for playgrounds and play areas, wetpour safety surfacing is made up of high quality rubber particles, compacted together, creating impact absorbent qualities; so should trips and falls occur, particularly from play equipment – injuries are kept to a minimum.

However, children aren’t inspired and motivated by dull colours – that’s why our wetpour can be bold, bright and fun and even include educational factors! Here are some playground flooring ideas from our previous installations to get you inspired.

Small Playgrounds

Small playgrounds can benefit from many flooring ideas.  When designing a safety surface for your playground, you should account for the amount of toys and/or equipment you plan on having in your finished play area.  If you plan on introducing many toys, you should perhaps consider a more basic design.

blue surfacing for play areas

Alternatively, just because the area was small didn’t mean that they couldn’t have incorporated playground markings. Here’s a similar small area where we incorporated playground markings

colourful playground idea

Medium Playgrounds

There are many playground flooring ideas for playgrounds of a medium size. One the popular designs that we install at these sized areas are race tracks.

Race tracks are great flooring idea for encouraging youngsters to run and race about the playground!

green nursery flooring with road design

If you’re restricted to a tight budget, then our experienced sales team can advise you on ways to cut costs on your playground flooring ideas.


Large Playgrounds

Playground flooring ideas are limitless when you have a large area to play with!

colourful nursery play area

We can incorporate many designs and activities into the area, or we can section off areas to create a variety of surfaces.

One playground flooring idea using wetpour, that can suit all areas, is to incorporate a theme.

snake design in surfacing

From sea life to the zoo, we have installed many themes into our wetpour flooring. However, no two designs have ever been the same!

If you’d like to discuss your ideas with our team, feel free to call them on 01282 414131. Or for a quick quote or FREE site assessment, contact our team here. We’d love to hear about your playground flooring ideas!