Project Description

Kelsall Primary School

As schools look for ways to encourage their pupils to get active, many are investing in an all-weather track for the Daily Mile; so pupils can continue throughout the winter when playing fields may become muddy and unusable. Kelsall school were thinking along these lines when they contacted our sales team in November.

Working with the school, a length and width was agreed upon, before one of our twelve installation teams headed off to the village of Kelsall in Cheshire. After arrive on site, our team and the school caretaker marked out where the track would be installed on the school field, to ensure it would meet all of the schools needs.

We then installed resin bound rubber mulch as this surface can be installed straight onto grass. We also installed a membrane underneath the surfacing, to ensure no grass/weeds grow through over time. As it can be installed straight onto school fields, resin bound rubber mulch is a great surface for Daily Mile tracks. It is also porous and non-slip so that staff and pupils can use it safely all year round, come rain or shine.

Kelsall School were so happy with our installation they shared regular updates of the project on their Twitter feed, including these great photos.



Speaking to the school after we had completed the installation, they told us they were happy with how the track looked and that our team on site were “very professional.” It was lovely to hear such kind words, especially as everyone here at Billy Bounce pride ourselves on our experience working with schools and nurseries.

We’ve installed Daily Mile tracks like these at schools all over the UK, in both resin bound rubber mulch and wet pour safety surfacing. If you are considering a track, feel free to get in touch to arrange a free site visit or receive a quick quote.

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