Which Safety Surfacing Is Best For Me?

Octopus playground marking

If you are looking to create a new play area, one of the obvious questions is which safety surface will serve you best?

Both of our safety surfaces are impact absorbent and non-slip, they have also been tested to both British and European safety standards. This said, some projects would benefit more from one surface than the other.

There are a few simple questions that can play a big part in helping you choose the right surface and highlighting what factors you should think about:

What surface do you have at the moment?

If the area is currently grassed, resin bound rubber mulch could be the most cost effective. It can be installed directly onto the grass, and our teams will also ensure a geotextile membrane is used to so no grass or weeds grow through the surface.

If you have a hard base such as tarmac, concrete or stone, wet pour can be a great choice and means you can include more clearly defined graphics for sports or games.

If you have a grassed area, but have you heart set on a wet pour surface please speak to our team who can advise you on how the area can be prepared for wet pour.

How do you want it to look?

Wet pour is often described as ‘soft tarmac’ due to its smooth appearance. It is available in both black and colour can include almost any graphic you wish.

Resin bound rubber mulch has a more natural look, similar to bark chippings. This said, as it is bound together by resin, the rubber is not loose and won’t create a mess as children play. Available in a variety of colours, you can include shapes/patterns but graphics may not be as sharply defined.

What will it be used for?

If the area is for general play or running, either surface will work well.

However, if you pupils will be playing ball games (eg during PE or competitive matches) or riding bikes/scooters wet pour would be best for you. As it is smoother in texture the children will find it easier to navigate whilst riding and any balls will get more of a ‘true’ bounce.

Does your school/nursery have an environmental focus?

If being kind to the environment is a top priority for you, resin bound rubber mulch is a clear winner. Made from recycled tyres it helps to reduce landfills and C02 emissions. A new playground made from rubber mulch can be a great way to introduce the ideas of recycling and environmental responsibility to younger children.

Still unsure?

Whilst we hope this has helped you decide which safety surface is best your playground if you have any questions or need advice our friendly team are on hand to help.

We also offer free, no obligation site visits to schools and nurseries across the UK. To arrange a site visit, please contact a member of team.