Teachers, Don’t Fundraise Until You’ve Read This!

Fundraising is fantastic! It builds spirits, brings communities together and shows hard work pays off when you can afford what you’ve been fundraising for.

But, it can have the opposite effect, where no matter how hard you try, you still need that cash injection.

Both our rubber mulch and wet pour surfaces come at a cost. That’s because they’re specialist surfaces, requiring expert attention when installing. Each project is priced uniquely so sometimes, it’s not uncommon for schools and nurseries to have to find funding before having their dream play surface.

However fundraising may not be the option for your playground project. There are lots of funding options out there with many establishments looking to offer grants for development of outdoor facilities.

We understand that a teacher’s job is to educate. That’s why we thought we’d take the task of finding funding so that you can enjoy your new play surface sooner! Here are some top websites offering grants for nurseries and schools.

Asda Funding

The high-street supermarket offers several types of grants for schools and nurseries. One is suitable for smaller applications who need that boost, the other is for projects nominated by colleagues and customers.


Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All

From £300 to £100,000, the Big Lottery Funds aim to help communities across the UK. We’ve seen many schools and nurseries successful in receiving around £10,000 of funding towards new outdoor play facilities!


Ernest Cook Trust

This trust aims to support land-based learning for schools. They offer two types of programmes, depending on how much support you need for your playground project.


Lloyds TSB Foundation

If your nursery is a charity, then this one may be for you. Lloyds TSB offer grants to support the needs of small and medium-sized charities.


One Family Foundation

Head to their ‘Community Awards’ programme as they have been known to offer schools funding to enhance their outdoor space.


Sport England

Over the last couple of years, Sport England invested £18 million of National Lottery funding to improve primary school’s physical education. Although the project has come to an end, small grants are available and it’s worth keeping an eye on their website for funding updates


Tesco Bags of Help

Tesco are contributing money raised from the sale of their 5p bags to support community projects.  We’ve seen many nurseries succeed in receiving these grants.


We will do our very best to keep these funding options up to date. Another valuable source of school funding links can be found on our trade body’s website here.

If you need an idea on how much your new play surface could cost, contact us for a no-obligation quote. Who knows, you may not need any funding!