Teaching Road Safety in the Playground

In 2014, it was reported that child casualties from road traffic accidents rose by 6.2% to 16,727, compared to 2013 in the UK.  To help prevent these horrific incidents, why not begin by teaching road safety awareness to your nursery class in the safe surroundings of your own playground.

Roads within our wet pour safety surfacing are a popular design request from early year’s practitioners.  They can engage young learners with road safety awareness whilst encouraging run arounds.

Dependent on your budget, we can liaise with you to develop a road for your outdoor play space to suit both budget and space.

Small Budgets

The most basic design is the road with no markings. Although detail is minimal, they’re kind to tight budgets!  They also allow imaginations to run wild as no markings mean that young learners aren’t influenced.

red road design on school playground

Flexible Budgets

For budgets that are slightly more flexible, white lines can be introduced.  These designs can allow nursery practitioners to teach traffic flow and crossing stations.

Nursery play area flooring

Broad Budgets

Broad budgets can incorporate further markings in additional colours and introduce further road characteristics such as roundabouts.

Detailed road markings in wet pour

In addition to roads markings, we can also install parking bays within wet pour safety surfacing. Head to our case study featuring Angels By Day Nursery who recently incorporated a last minute disabled bay to their outdoor learning space – it made an excellent talking point about diversity!

As all of our wet pour road markings are laid in situ (learn more about installation), no two designs are every the same.  From basic race tracks to challenging squiggly lines, our installers have the experience for all designs.

If you would like further advice on enhancing your outdoor play area with road markings, then get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!