The 10 Advantages of Rubber Mulch

There are many advantages of rubber mulch as well as it being recognised as a rubber safety surface. Our rubber mulch, often known as resin mulch, is created from recycled truck tyres which have been shredded and bonded together with a unique resin to create an impact absorbent, safety surface for play areas and playgrounds.

1. Eco-friendly

As resin mulch is made from shredded recycled truck tyres, it has eco-friendly advantages as this is reducing landfill and C0² emissions.

2. Cost-effective

As rubber mulch can be laid directly onto grass, there’s minimal preparation into the groundwork required before installing it – it can even go straight onto grass! This is a huge benefit for tight budgets. Furthermore, installation can go ahead without edging, again keeping costs down.

3. Available in a range of depths

One of the major advantages of resin mulch is that it is laid in-situ so that we are able to install it in a range of depths to suit the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of play equipment.

4. Available in a range of colours

Just because rubber mulch is a safety surface, doesn’t mean it has to be dull! An aesthetic advantage of rubber mulch is that it comes in a variety of neutral colours.  Choose from earthy tones to a subtle blue, rubber mulch will brighten up your play area and if you’re looking for a safety surface with a difference, we can mix the colours to create a combination rubber mix.

5. Looks natural

Like wood bark, there are no two pieces of shredded rubber the same, so it doesn’t have a uniform appearance with jagged edges.  However, unlike bark, rubber mulch stays in place as it is bound by resin also making it easy to maintain.

6. Impact absorbent

One of the safety advantages of rubber mulch is that it is great at absorbing impact.  Depending on the depth, rubber mulch can soften falls.

7. Porous

Created from uneven particles of shredded tyres, that don’t fit together when installed means that water is able to fall through, minimizing puddles and flooding.

8. It’s flexible

Recognised for its flexible properties, rubber mulch is a great option for areas demanding a safety surface that can be easily installed around play equipment.

9. Ideal in all weather

As well as excellent drainage properties, another advantage of resin mulch is that it is anti-slip, again, keeping playground injuries to a minimum

10. Maintainable

Unlike wood bark, the rubber shreds are bonded together with a special resin so there is no movement or lost particles.  This makes it a great option for areas requiring minimal attention and maintenance.

If you’re still unsure as to whether rubber mulch could be the safety surface for you, check out our wetpour safety surfacing or call our team on 01282 414131 for a chat about your options and our services.