The Best Kind of Surfacing for Trim Trails

Commonly found in school playgrounds,trim trails are fun obstacle courses that test children’s balance and coordination. However, many of these adventure trails are out of use due to inadequate surfacing underneath the play equipment.

muddy flooring underneath trim trail

What Surfacing is Required for Trim Trails?

Trim trails tend to be quite low to the ground as they’re designed to test strength, agility, balance and coordination. This means that safety surfacing isn’t always a requirement – but is highly recommended. Always check with your playground equipment provider to learn about your adventure trail’s critical fall height (CFH) and surfacing requirements.

What you may want to consider, should your trim trail be low enough to not require safety surfacing, is how accessible the current floor will make it. For instance, grass may seem like the cost-effective solution, but imagine spending all that money on a fitness trail you can’t use throughout the year.  We have many schools contact us as muddy grass restricts use of their trim trails. That’s why they resort to our safety surfacing after all.

Green and blue wet pour surfacing underneath trim trail

We offer two types of safety surfacing: wetpour and rubber mulch. Both of the rubber surfaces are suitable for all-year-round use. However, they both have different appearances and different base requirements.

Should We Install Wetpour Underneath Our Trim Trail?

Wetpour requires a hard sub-base to install on top of. This could be pre-existing Tarmac that is in good condition. Wet pour consists of bound together rubber granules, creating a similar appearance to Tarmac, but the texture is less harsh to touch.

Blue wetpour surfacing underneath trim trail

Wetpour is also available in a range of bright colours and is simple to maintain.

Is Rubber Mulch Surfacing Right For My Trim Trail?

Unlike wetpour, rubber mulch can be installed directly onto grass. This would make it the cost-effective solution should your trim trail be on grass. Otherwise, you could be required to pay for additional groundworks for wetpour.

Green rubber mulch under trim trail

If you choose to go with a safety surface underneath your trim trail, our team of estimator’s are here to provide you with an instant quote. If your mind’s unmade, they can also provide more information to help you with your decision.